My Races

Baltimore Woman’s Classic, June  Time-27:57

The distance was measured incorrectly and was actually 2.95 miles.

GMBC Father’s Day 5k, June 16, 2013- 29:18 Finally broke my PR and made it in under 30 minutes!

The Color Run, May 11, 2013-Untimmed race

The Color Run Baltimore 2013Color Run

Road ID Bib

Baltimore Women’s Classic 2012 , June 24th, 2012-Time 31:08Baltimore Womens Classic 2012

Princess Half Marathon WeekendDisney Princess half Marathon 2012

Jingle Bell Run For Arthritis 5K-12/2011 Time 34:26 Jingle Bell run

9/11 Run to Remember 5k-09/11 Time 31:2

 Baltimore Women’s Classic-06/2011  Time 30:13Baltimore Woman's Classic

Poplar Springs 5K -06/2011 Time 30:44

Poplar Springs Run for the Animals

My first race ever!

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