My Published Articles

Below is a list of published articles I have written online. Additionally, I blog for the following websites:

Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster goes vegan

Michelle Pfeiffer reveals inspiration to go vegan

Bill Clinton doesn’t miss dairy or meat since becoming vegan

Michael Clarke Duncan appears in new PETA campaign: Actor credits veg lifestyle for improved health and clearer conscience

Major cruise line adds all vegetarian menu

PCRM study reveals nearly half of supermarket chicken tests positive for feces

Sunscreen for infants and children that meet FDA’s new guidelines

Subway incorporates salad bowl made of 95% recycled materials

Carrie Underwood, Vegan and lovin it

Do you know what’s good for you? PCRM will put you to the test

PCRM’s ‘Sit Next to a Vegan’ campaign: Would you pay $10 more to sit next to a vegan on a flight

Pit Bull dragged behind car for miles:$5,000 reward for information leading to conviction

10 Informative Vegan Websites

New Organic coffee line helps save the jaguar

NFL linebacker Terrell Suggs joins other celebs for ‘Ink Not Mink’ campaign

Unhealthy hospital food: PCRM reports on the ‘Top 5 Worst Hospital Food Environments’

Venus Williams turns to a raw vegan diet after diagnosis

Soon-to-be dad Jay-Z joins Beyonce’s ‘partially vegan’ diet

Vegan Doughnut Shop Opens in Brooklyn, NY

Professional Triathlete Brendan Brazier launches vegan meal delivery service

Foster a pet for the holidays through

Newton’s running law of motion

Ellen Degeneres is opening a new vegan restaurant

PETA releases the ‘Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet’

Off-duty officer kills neighbors chihuahua

Chipotle pairs with Willie Nelson to promote sustainability

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson produce ‘life changing’ whale documentary

Alicia Silverstone lobbies EU to uphold cosmetic marketing ban

Zoo animals act before earthquake occurs in Washington, D.C.

Starbucks introduces vegan meals

Six Cancer preventing foods

A no sugar sports drink

Create compost for your garden with a composting toilet

Texas calf factory farm owner faces sentencing for animal cruelty

Cool down with 5 easy Popsicle recipes

Mom’s BBQ beans

Snap pea crisps: a healthy snack alternative

Carrie Underwood goes Vegan

Vegan actress gains 15 pounds for role on “The Help”

Animal products in your alcohol?

6 grilled un-cheese recipes

Candy bars you don’t want to miss, Go Max Go!

Cleansing 101, a 7-day guide to food cleansing

Raw food basics

“21-day weight loss kick-start”, Dr Neal Barnard

First vegan coupon site launched

Vegan food company expands:$10 million plant to be built 

Sheryl Crow is making us healthy

A vegan sandwich at Starbucks?

Everyone should know about Brad’s Raw Kale!

Vegan Baker on Animal Planet


Good for kids, good for mom too?

Top 5 Cancer causing foods

Can you add pansies to that?

Is Auntie Anne’s really vegan?

No more canned foods for me!

Sweet Vegan

Dr. Oz on “Forks Over Knives”

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