The Loving Hut NYC

The Loving Hut

The Loving Hut, a fast service 100% vegan international restaurant founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai, is located in multiple cities nation and worldwide. Each location with a unique menu of their own, because it’s the belief of the company that each chef have the freedom to be creative and cater to their specific location. Too make things even better, this stuff is really affordable!!

I sought out their New York location after having enjoyed some of their food at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival a few weeks prior to this trip.

Inside the Loving Hut
Inside the Loving Hut
Bbq Sandwhich
Bbq Soy Sandwhich (soy chicken, peppers, onions, tapioca cheese, and bbq sauce) $8.50
Spinach Mac n Cheese
Spinach Mac n Cheese (spinach with a creamy cilantro paste) $9.50

With seven kinds of Mac and Cheese, 4 types of Quesadillas, 5 salad choices, and an ongoing menu of entrees and sandwiches available, this quick service locale has options for all.

If you are ever in an area with a Loving Hut location close by, make sure to drop in and give it a try.

Check out the menu from The Loving Hut, NYC.

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