Vega Smoothie

Created by vegan Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, Vega offers a line of all-in-one plant-based nutritional shakes. They carry the BEST vegan protein shake I have ever tasted, and let’s just say I’m a fan………….


Since I started running a about a year and a half ago I’ve used Vega on a daily basis, and yes, that photo above is from my kitchen. Not only do they offer a protein shake that is great post-workout, but there are also pre-workout mixes, and a hydration drink mix to keep you going during your sweat session. (all shown above).

So when the company asked me to try out their revamped Energizing Smoothie line, I immediately said YES! I received the individual serving sized packets in the mail (which are also for sale in stores). The wonderful thing about the individual packs as opposed to the large tubs pictured, is that they are great on the go. If you are running out the door and haven’t had breakfast yet, just grab a blender bottle of water, mix, and drink. It’s a meal replacement all on its own!Vega

The Energizing Smoothie mixes are available in five flavors: Chocolate (always my favorite), Vanilla, Natural, Berry, and Tropical. The smoothie mixes are in powdered form and are delicious on their own mixed with water. They also taste great with a milk of your choosing. I find unsweetened vanilla almond milk goes well with it.

You can also mix the smoothie base into an actual smoothie. Throw some frozen mixed berries (about 3/4 a bag), water (to your desired consistency), a banana (frozen creates a creamier texture), about 4 ice cubes, and the berries flavor mix into a blender. YUM!

                                          Make some ice cream or popsicles with your Vega!

Combine frozen bananas (about 2 depending one how much you are making) peeled and sliced prior to freezing, and frozen fruit of your choosing in a blender or food processor. Mix until smooth add Vega berry smoothie, blend again.

Use any flavor of your choosing: vanilla Vega + frozen bananas, chocolate Vega + banana and peanut butter, tropical Vega + banana and strawberries or pineapple. YUM!

Stay posted for more Vega recipes to come!

What have you made with your Vega?

Some Vega Smoothie Facts:

Dairy free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

2 Servings of Veggies per serving

10g of Protein per serving

5g of Fiber per serving

1g of Omega-3 per serving

No added sugar



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