The Stick-a great tool for athletes

The StickI purchased a great little gadget at the Princess Half Marathon Expo and just love it, so I want to share it with you.

It’s called The Stick and is made for athletes to help with muscle pain. I admit that I was skeptical at first. There are so many things on the market geared towards athletes with promises of healing. Did I really want to buy into a gimmick?

Lucky for me (and thousands of other runners) the company had a variety of sticks available to test out. Having constantly battled injuries during the course of the year, I thought, “why not?”. So I sat don’t, grabbed a stocked and rolled it up and down my thigh.

My groin muscle was where I was having an issue and my race was just two days away! Admittedly, I didn’t notice much of an immediate difference, but it still felt damn good to have the stick massaging my leg.

As I sat there debating on whether I wanted to drop $40 on a stick with plastic rolling pieces on it, a random stranger walking by made it a point to stop and say, “those things are great, I have one and it’s amazing!”

So with a bit more pondering, what did I have to loose really? Even if it’s promise of taking away aches and pains failed me, I was still getting a great massage!

I bought the stick an soon after we left the expo. As I walked to the bus carrying my 35 pound son on my back, I had suddenly realized that my pain was subsided! I was amazed and sure glad I had bought the stick! After walking through Animal Kingdom most of the following day, I made sure to use my magic wand again the night before my race and it worked beautifully!

I’m so happy that I have my little gadget and use it whenever I feel pain coming on or have just completed a long run.

I can’t wait to get more of their products, get yours!

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