Baltimore Woman’s Classic 2012

Baltimore Womens Classic 2012
Let’s get this race started!

My first time participating in the BWC was in 2011. The Baltimore Women’s Classic is an all female race that raises money for the awareness of gynecological cancer. Last year, the BWC was just my second race ever and prior to it, I had sustained an injury which kept me off the pavement for several weeks. It wasn’t until the week prior that I started running again. Even so, I finished the race.

Ironically enough, I had encountered a similar experience this year and was out for 8 weeks prior to the BWC. This time, I had been training for a marathon. It wasn’t long after running 23 miles, that I started having trouble with my foot ( a recurrent problem from this past fall). Is there some reason I shouldn’t be running this race? I will try again next year and hopefully injury-free.

With all of the injuries I have incurred, I made the decision to take on a few training sessions with a personal trainer at my gym who also has experiences with running. We only had one session so far, so as time has gone by I will put up a post to share all of the wonderful new things I have learned from him.

This had to be my worst 5K yet (aside from the Jingle Bell, which I managed to start 4-5 minutes late), coming in at 31:08. I’m not too upset over it considering I hadn’t run in such a long time. With my new training in motion and my new commitment to a better diet alongside my marathon training, I think I won’t have to much trouble improving my time.

Here’s a few pics capturing race day. There will be some more to post once the race committee gets the professionals up, so be sure to check back! (if you sign up for a subscription, you will automatically be notified):

Baltimore Women's Classic 2012
We’re off!
BWC 2012 Finish
Coming up to the finish line!
BWC 2012
Getting ready for my son’s race
BWC kids race
Kids race about to start!
BWC Kids race 2012
Look at that form, he’s a natural!
BWC Kids race 2012
Anson earns his medal!

I’ve got to say, I was a little disappointed. The kids received medals, which is wonderful. Alongside it, a bag of candy?!? I’m so confused. Isn’t this a race to promote health? Isn’t running a sport? I of course, handed my son the toys and confiscated the bag o’ junk! Please BWC, find something more nutritous or education to fill the children’s bags with!

BWC 2012
Receiving our Mother/Daughter race medals!
Baltimore Womens Classic 2012
Three generations with their medals!

Happy Running!

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  1. Congrats on getting out there and doing it! And I agree about the candy. Good thing you replaced it with something healthier! 🙂 Take care!

  2. Thank you! Maybe there is a way I can convince them to stick in a bag of pre-sliced apples or stickers?

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