Dinner with David Wolfe

I know, I know you are jealous right now. Don’t be. I was fortunate enough to attend a private dinner with raw food guru David Wolfe, but my opportunity to speak with him was just about nonexistent. Sure, I could have, with enough effort and forcefulness, made an adequate attempt to carry a conversation with David. But that’s just not my style.

With a dinner of about 70 attendees, I was more than happy to listen to what the raw foodie had to say, and was very much looking forward to his wise words. It was about an hour of mingling before everyone was in their seats. David made a quick speech and notified us that he would be speaking more throughout the dinner in addition to relocating his seat after each course. This was going to be great! Except that my immediate section was skipped right over, and David didn’t really speak very much to the group as a whole. Ah well. I had an amazing 7 course raw dinner, met some new and relatable people, and ate at an amazing restaurant in what David refers to as the “best hotel in the world”. Now that’s saying a lot, the man has traveled virtually everywhere!

Enough said, let’s talk about the menu:

We began with a Green Shot-Orange, grapefruit, avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, and raw coconut water.

This was yum!

Next up was a shot of Fresh Nutmilk Cacao Smoothie-Sprouted almonds, hempseeds, spring water Wuyi tea, banana, cacao, maca, flaxseed, and fresh cocao nut.

There was a bit of a kick to this one on the spicy side, must have been the tea.

At this point people were starting to feel a bit hungry, and out came the Live Gazpacho Soup-tomato, cucumber, and lime. It was delicious.

Sprouted Enzyme Salad was next. It had an amazing dressing on top that everyone was raving about. The ingredients of the salad consisted of kale, red cabbage, carrot, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, shaved turmeric, Greek olive oil, sweet potato, and tahini/lime dressing.

This salad was rather large and at the end, we were all wondering how we were going to fit any more food into our bodies. Still three more courses to go!

Raw Goji Cacao Truffle Intermezzo-cacao, cacao nibs, turmeric, raw honey, cranberries, goji, almonds, pink sea salt, and coconut oil.

Seems I missed the photo of this one-it was one small truffle that I popped in my mouth so quickly, the camera didn’t stand a chance.

It was nice to have a small sweet treat in between meals.

Up next, Raw Ravioli with house made vegan cheese-beet ravioli with fresh herbed cashew cheese and Cayenne yellow pepper basil sauce.

Oh-my-yum! I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t eaten many beets in my lifetime, my mother was never a fan, but boy was this good!

An finally, the rich and decadent Chia Mousse Tart! Made of avocado, blueberry, chia mousse on a sprouted walnut, almond, flaxseed, raw honey, date tart.

So good!

I’m not sure how the staff managed to make such a delectable meal for 70 people while maintaining the dignity of live and nutritious foods, but they did. Many thanks to the Olive Room, David Wolfe, and Dimitris, the owner of the Agora Market (located on the first floor of the hotel), for putting together such and amazing feast for us all.

And lucky me, I head back to the Olive Room for another raw dinner in a week. Keep your eyes peeled for the next review!

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