I’m Baaaack!

So after nine (long, long) weeks without running, I decided to get back into the game; or should I say onto the trail?

A short run down of what’s been going on: I went to a podiatrist four weeks in a row, received four cortisone injections, and just before my fifth appointment, was told that my insurance company has some issue that needs to be resolved, so I haven’t been back to the doctor since.

I had previously asked him when I could run again and he said when I am completely healed. The injections had helped significantly. The swelling went down after the first injection as well as the pain. Apparently he hit a nerve with the second injection because I was in pain for days, yowie!

Instructions were to ice every night for twenty minutes and NEVER go barefooted (I had to wear sneakers every day, everywhere!) I would wear them into the bathroom, take them off, leave them by the bathtub, shower, get out, put them on, take them off to get dressed, and put them back on; even with my pajamas on! You have to understand, I am a walk in the door, throw off my shoes, change into comfy clothes kind of person. The tedious task of wearing sneakers all of the time took a few days to adapt to. At this point I was willing to do anything, it had already been a month since my last run. I was a week a way from my first half-marathon and had to stop running because of the pain, I had pushed myself to far.

My biggest fear during this time was that I had developed arthritis in my foot. After all, that was my last diagnosis according to the symptoms in my hands. I still struggle to accept this diagnosis. The way my second toe had swelled was reminiscent of four years ago when my second finger turned into a sausage overnight and really has never been the same. I suddenly remembered all of the pain that I had endured and was fearful of reliving the experience; this time in my foot.

I had come such a long way in my health, how could this happen? The hope was that I had incurred a running injury rather than developed arthritis. After a few x-rays, the physician confirmed that my injury was from running and that there were no signs of arthritis in my bones. Woohoo!

Fast forward to current time: I took it upon myself to start running, I couldn’t take it any more. I needed to run! I jumped on a treadmill and ran two miles, easy as pie. I felt great and was so happy to get back into my groove. As I ran I started to notice something; I was striking the ground mid-foot! I was awesome, like my running style had transformed on it’s on during my down time. I was so excited, things could only get better from here on right?

Hmmm, it seems the lack of using my groin muscle over the last nine weeks had a negative effect on my progress. After a few recent runs, my previous groin injury has returned. I’ve been icing it and took about five days off from running and working out.

I jumped back onto the trail in hopes of a full recovery only to discover it still hadn’t healed. I didn’t care, I ran, I ran, and I ran for 5 miles. I was happy to know that I had the ability to run a 5 miler pretty easily after 3 months without my feet hitting the pavement.

Since my last run I’ve decided to rest; I’m hoping to run in a 5k in less than a week so we’ll see how the leg holds up.

Until then, for those of you fighting through a current injury, take it easy and take the time to heal. You’ll be happy you did!

Happy Healing!

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