Chocolate #9 Review

If you’re a runner than you’ve already heard of energy gels. If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me fill you in. Energy gels are created as a way to give long distance runners the fuel they need to keep going. Our body burns energy through a combination of protein, carbs, and fats. Gels are just complex carbs. Normally, food would provide the much needed energy, but when the going gets rough who wants to attempt chewing up an energy bar while running?

Gels are a smooth way to absorb the energy without the crunch factor.  They are easier to digest than solids, and are able to provide more needed calories per ounce than the average sports drink.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “A gel? that doesn’t sound to appetizing”. Even though they are titles “gels”, their consistency is more like pudding. Sounding better to you?

If you’re vegan, these gels are hard to find in a cruelty-free version-until now. I recently discovered Chocolate #9, and I’ve gotta say, “OH-MY-YUM!” Now, I haven’t tried any other gels before, simply due to their ingredients. However, Chocolate #9 is not only vegan, but natural too. Made with Organic Agave and breakfast cocoa processed with alkali. Yay for organic!

Here are some key points that make Chocolate #9 unique:

  • Only 70 calories! That’s right, it’s significantly less than the average energy gel which ranges from 100-110 calories.
  • It’s vegan!
  • it has a certified low-glycemic-index. What does this mean? Diabetics can use it too!
  • Low fat
  • made with 100% agave, no refined sugar here!
  • it tastes amazing, like chocolate syrup, YUM!!!
  • it’s gluten-free, yes you read that right, GLUTEN-FREE!
  • contains NO artificial ingredients such as food colorings or preservatives.
  • it’s chocolate, need I say more? Oh yes I do, it’s Belgian style dark chocolate.\
  • use for multi-sports
These bad boys are well priced too. Check out the order page of the Chocolate #9 website. Also available at R.E.I.
Now for the fun part…..I am having a contest for a free sample of Chocolate #9 Energy Gel. Here’s how it works: Do three of the following and then leave a comment below with which three you have chosen. Bonus: If you participate in more than three, please add a separate comment for additional contest entries.
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It is recommended to use a get 15 minutes prior to a run and then 30-45 minutes into your run time.
Happy Gel-ing!
(It should be noted that no payments we given in exchange for this review. Samples were provided by Cocolate9)

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