10K training accomplished, moving on……

Once again, I have let far too much time go by since my last entry. It’s been weeks since I have completed my 10K training and I decided to skip running the 10K race and jump right into 1/2 marathon training. I did run the distance of a 10K, which is 6.2 miles and then started my 1/2 marathon training-13.1 miles. I picked up on week 6 of training which is the week that follows a 6 mile run.

When it was time to run a 10K in my half marathon training (at the end of week 9), I decided to run a 5K instead. The date- September 11th, 2011-the ten year anniversary of 9/11. I thought running this race would be a great way to honor this day and all of the people affected by 9/11.

The race started in front of Baltimore Police headquarters, wrapped around the Baltimore Inner Harbor, past Federal Hill, throughout the streets of Baltimore, and ended on the top of Federal Hill-which is–a hill. There were a few hills on this course and I expected there to be. I tried to slow my pace a bit in an effort to reserve energy for the big climb I knew was to come at the end of my run. Since I have been training for a half marathon, I have slowed my pace to about 11:30 minute miles in order to run comfortably and complete the longer distances. It is recommened to slow your pace by about a minute when running longer distances.

I was running well, much better than my last race and had hope to break a new PR(personal record) this time. My best run time has been 30:13, if I could just shave off 14 seconds. I so badly wanted to get in under 3o minutes and have done so on the treadmill already. I was hopping this would be the race to set my new record. I didn’t push as hard as I could have, I wanted to finish the race comfortably-after all, I have run twice as far as this during my half marathon training.

It was an inspiring race that started with the national anthem, and a tribute to the men and women that serve our country, not only in the military, but the police and fire departments as well. It was an honor to run alongside the individuals that have commited to protecting the citizens of the United States. It was truely a site to see as I ran by two firefighters in full gear, head to toe. They were running in over 80 degree weather and carrying a flag too! Talk about motivation! If anyone had any self doubt during this race, all they needed to do was take a look at the firemen running and the moment of doubt would quickly pass.

I finished at 31:21, much to my disappointment. This was my worst time yet. I have since learned that because I am training for my half, that it is natural for my running to slow down a bit. That gives me a little relief. Oh well, I ran for a good cause and enjoyed it. About ten minutes after I finished, I saw the three firemen in full gear coming across the finish line together with their flags. The crowd cheered and clapped for them as they made it up the last hill, it was an emotional moment to take part in.

All in all, I really enjoyed this race and will partake in this event again next year. They even give you a free beer after you finish! How is that for a perk?

Now I am in the middle of week eleven in my half marathon training. A few days ago I ran 9 miles on a trail called the NCR trail. This is a 41 mile trail running from Maryland to Pennsylvania. For those that are local (and even if you aren’t) check it out! I absolutely loved the trail and my run. I ran nine miles non stop in beautiful weather! It was so nice, I barely broke a sweat. I felt so accomplished after this run that within the past few days I have made the decision to start marathon training once I run my half! I’m so excited, I can’t believe I didn’t start running ten years ago.

Currently I am searching through races to find my next challenge. More updates to follow.

Until next time, happy running!

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