Amazing foods in South Florida

I had been long overdue for a vacation and although I previously lived in Florida for a duration of about three years, I never managed to make it to the Southern parts of the sunshine state.

My mom and I have birthdays just six days apart, and this year instead of exchanging gifts, we decided to take a trip. Since it was my 30th, we wanted to do something special, and with all of the great deals you can find online these days, we managed to find a trip to Miami for a great price! If you aren’t a member of Living Social, what are you waiting for? Join their mailing list and receive great deals via email!

We stayed at Sunny Isle Beach, just minutes away from Miami beach and South Beach. Our trip was amazing and we found plenty of vegan food to enjoy.

The first restaurant we visited was Sublime. I found this place when voting for VegNews Magazines Veggie Awards. I was voting a week before my trip and under the “best vegan restaurants” I saw Sublime in the Miami area and knew I had to check it out!

This place was amazing! A beautiful restaurant, with great food and a wonderful atmosphere. Just past the entrance is a serene waterfall flowing from large windows of the restaurant. The theme of “green” is noticeable throughout the place, and the feeling of clean fresh food comes to mind instantly.

We loved Sublime!

My mother was just as excited as I was to see such an elaborate menu of vegan options. We started a meal with an appetizer called “Frito Misto”, fresh cauliflower in a crispy coating covered with a sweet chili sauce and sesame seeds.

Frito Misto

Next up was our entrees. I orderd a mushroom stuffed ravioli which really was just divine, and mom ordered the “Dynamite Sushi”. Mom has never been a fan of sushi, so this was a big step for her. The entree was made with veganaise (vegan mayo), zucchini, capers, cream cheese, red onion, and cucumber.

Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli made with in-house made pasta, cashew cream, slow roasted tomato sauce and basil
Dynamite Roll

I have a sweet tooth like nobody’s business, so of course I couldn’t resist dessert. In fact, I have a habit of trying the dessert from every new vegan restaurant I encounter. Since mom doesn’t like chocolate, we decided to go with something neutral that we could share (I still have to watch my girlish figure!). We decided on the coconut cake. A white cake with coconut cream and almond tuile, loved this!!

Coconut Cake
almond tuile

Sublime offers a cookbook with many of the recipes listed on their menu plus some seasonal recipes. 100% profit benefits animal welfare!

The next restaurant on our list was during a visit to Key West. We stopped by Bagatelle, not a vegan place, but they had some great options on their menu.

We both ordered salads this time, but they weren’t just any salads. I ordered the Heart of Palm-mixed greens, avocado fan, cucmbers, costa rican heart of palm, plum tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Heart of Palm Salad

Mom ordered the Tropical Fruit Salad, watercress, mango, papaya,  pineapple, and a passion fruit vinaigrette. Origionally this salad comes with goat cheese, so she just ordered it without.

Tropical Fruit Salad

The salads were great and this was a cozy place tucked into what appeared to be a renovated older home. A must see for veg-friendly folks AND their carnivore friends!

After our lunch at Bagatelle, we took a tour on a glass bottom boat and upon our return, we found our tummys rumbling. We traveled the streets of Key West in hopes of finding some great vegan food and we found just what we were looking for, Amigos! A mexican restaurant with a great latin vibe and a much healthier way to fulfill your taco cravings than taco bell!


We both ordered vegan tacos, which had an amazing mix of veggies. We also shared a basket of chips and guacamole. I noticed this sign on the wall and was more than happy to have seen it….

Inside my vegan taco

The next day we ventured onto a hop-on-top bus tour. I’ve always wanted to jump on one of these buses and I am so happy to have had the chance to.

Hop on Top

We were able to tour Miami beach, South Beach, downtown Miami, Little Havana, and Coral Gables (my favorite). During the tour, visitors are able to hop off at any of the stops in each area offering plenty of options for food!

We stepped off the bus at Coral Gables and it was well worth the stop. A beautiful town, adorned with unique trees providing more twist and turns than a roller coaster.

The beauty of this town is what motivated us to get off the bus and we were so glad we did, we were in for a treat! In search of a place for some vegan eats, we popped into a few places before finding Seasons 52, an exquisite restaurant along Coral Gable’s “Miracle Mile“. We stopped in to take a peek at their menu and found out their bartender is vegan so we decided to have a chat with him. He recommended a local place with great food, so we said we would have a drink at Season’s 52 and then go check out the food at the cafe he suggested. After about fifteen minutes of banter with Dan (the bartender) and a very well made drink, we made the decision to order our food there. After all, we only had two hours before the next bus arrived. Bus schedule aside, we just loved talking to Dan and could have stayed there all day chatting with him.

A piano behind the bar! Dan said he bumps into it all the time on busy nights, can you imagine having to manuever around this thing?

The restaurant had a vegan menu, which I always love to see, check it out!

I ordered the Farmer’s Market Vegetable Plate made with seasonal vegetables, grilled ponzu-glazed tofu, and cranberry-almond tabbouleh.

Farmer's Market Vegetable Plate

This meal was my favorite of the trip. It was fresh, light, and made me feel vigorous.

Mom ordered the Ponzu-glazed tofu with a side of roasted baby carrots and penne pasta.

 Doesn’t it look amazing? A carnivore could mistake this for fish by the looks of it.

We even had room for dessert, and what else would you expect after such a fresh meal?

Oh yes, the perfect end to a perfect meal!

We finished just in time to catch the next bus and headed back to South Beach where we made a pit stop for pina coladas. Just a tip…..south beach pina coladas-not so good. I’m not even sure of the name of the place we stopped at. We had a half hour before the bus left and thought we could drink one of these bad boys in that time, but it didn’t happen. An hour later and we finally realized we could get out drinks to go! So we grabbed them and ran to our bus just as it was taking off. Luckily got them to stop and let us on AND it was the last running bus that day!

Pina colada to go next to water glass

Our next stop was on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Ave. Our waitress at Sublime recommended that we stop by Books and Books, a book store that had a vegan menu. We made this a must on our list of places to go. The cafe was really nice and the book store was just my style (I’m a book store junkie). We placed our entree orders and not long after did the waitress come out with an appetizer. Wait, we didn’t order this. It was a blackbean hummus with bagel crackers. When we asked about it the waitress informed us that it came on the house. I liked this place already.

Blackbean hummus with bagel crackers

I ordered the Grilled Tofu Fajita wrap made with carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and avocado salsa in a whole wheat wrap served with roasted corn salad and sweet mustard.

Mom ordered the Tropical Arroz con Frijoles-a blend of long-grain brown and wild rice cooked with coconut, served with Cuban black bean soup and topped off with fresh avocado.

Later that evening we stopped by Nexxt, also located on Lincoln Ave. We ordered chips and guacamole and mixed drinks. The guac was really bland and I made a salad using the lettuce and salsa that came with it. The drinks were terrible and since the seating was outside, people were able to smoke. Everyone around us was smoking and I was literally eating the smoke as I ate my food. It was awful, do NOT go to Nexxt!

Our last day of vacation we made sure to make time to stop by another recommendation from our waitress at Sublime. Green Wave Cafe located in Plantation, Fl is an all vegan, all raw cafe. This time we went straight for the desserts since they were highly recommended!

Brownies with vanilla ice cream
Cheesecake made from cashews with strawberry sauce

We also purchased two large batches of their raw onion bread which they will ship if you are interested. Check out Green Waves menu.

They also offer classes, contact them for more info.

I enjoyed so many wonderful foods on my trip and highly recommend a visit to some of these places.

If you know of any other restaurants in the area please comment and if you are going to the Miami area check some of these places out. Feel free to ask me any questions!

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