I pulled a muscle and the race is two days away!

It’s been a while since my last post, so sorry I have just had a ton going on! Let’s start out with the fact that I pulled a groin muscle a few weeks ago at the gym……ugh, so discouraging. I went to use one of those thigh machines, the one that you sit on and squeeze your thighs together. I love this machine! I can’t stand my thighs and this machine was one of my favs. I would get on it three to four times per work out in rotation of my circuit. I could actually feel muscle building up in my thighs, which sadly to say is a first. Up until now my thighs have virtually been all fat, ewwwwww.

The last person to use the machine had left the leg pads in the open position. When I sat down and lift my leg to put it on, I heard and felt something tear (or similar to a tear). Never-the-less, I continued to do my exercise on the machine along with the use of other machines. The following day I continued with my 5K training and completed my 3.1 mile run with an effort to make good time. I was in a bit of pain after the run, but continued with my work out that day and the next, only to follow with my next day of 5K training. This time running was a bit more difficult and I ran slower but finished the 3.1 miles. This time I was extremely sore after and decided to take it easy the next few days. On my next run, I ran just a mile and continued the use of the strength machines. Still no signs of recovery of the course of a week.

I was so worried, there was only two weeks left until race day. I wanted to continue my training, I have been working so hard for this since January. So, do I continue to train and risk further damage or do I continue to rest and risk losing so much of what I had worked so hard for?

I decided to do a combination of both…..use the strength training machines for upper body, rest my leg for a few days and on the days I decided to run, I only ran a mile on a much lighter speed than I had worked up to.

Finally, I asked one of the gym trainers what his thoughts were and he recommended that I rest it entirely for at least three days and it should be fine. For the following days, I focused my workouts on my upper body. I felt as thought there was improvement, until I started running again. I ran another 3.1 miles and immediately after felt the pain. I decided it was time to call the Doctor who referred me to a sports physical therapist. But not after she advised me to take it easy over the weekend, which of course I didn’t. I ran another mile.

I was now down to my race week and four days prior to the race I had decided I was going to run a complette 5K. I needed to know that I was ready and my temporary gym membership had ended the day before 😦

I headed back to the park I previously ran at (you remember, the one with the hill?). The path around the park is .8 of a mile, so I knew if I ran it 4 times around that I would have completed a 5K, plus .1 of a mile. Since going to the gym and using a treadmill, I had discovered that my pedometer was way off. So this was a more accurate way of determining my run distance.

I ran up that hill and it was much easier on my legs than it once was! Initially, I noticed some pain when running but once I got going and managed to shift my weight, I was doing alright. I finished the total distance in 31 minutes and I was surprised by my time and did better than I had planned.

Following the run, I noticed an increase in pain which continued throughout the day. So much so, it was becoming difficult to walk. I called the physical therapist and made the appointment and managed to get in the next day (today). Things went well, the therapist advised me to ice three times a day and showed me some stretches to work on. She asked me, “why didn’t you come in two weeks ago, we could have helped you”. I guess I felt silly going to therapy for a pulled muscle, when there are people with major injuries that need help. The therapist stressed that I don’t need to run the race (of course I do!) just as the doctor recommended that I run strictly to finish the race as opposed to running for time. I suppose that I should be proud to just finish the race considering it’s my first ever and I just started running four months ago! And let’s not forget that I’ve got an injury too. I just fell like it’s not good enough, I strive to do better than okay.

I have however, signed up for another 5K coming up in a month and a half, so I have some time to heal and train to do better at that one. I will keep you posted on my healing process and my race which is now less than 36 hours away! I am spending these few days before the race just resting and hopefully it will help. I just feel like my muscles are melting away due to lack of exercise. But I am looking forward to a good workout on Monday (the day after the race)!

Wish me luck and Happy Running!

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