It Was What It Was


I won’t bore you with all the details of my runs from this past week, so to some it up…..

My first run was a total time of 31.40 for 3.1 miles

The next day, I couldn’t resist getting a run in, so I ran a mile in 9.26! I was so happy to run such a good time (well a good time for someone who just started running 11 weeks ago). But running just one mile is easier than a 5K, you can give it everything you’ve got. When you are running a race, you’ve got to steady your pace!

The next day I ran 3.1 miles(5K) in 30 minutes exactly.

Today I ran a 5K in 30.22. I was so excited to run today and thought it was going to be gr


eat. After my last time of 30 minutes, I thought for sure that I would be under today. I set the treadmill to 6.0 which equals a pace of a 10 minute mile, and with my normal increase of speed at the end, my expectations for a lower time were high.

A few minutes in, fatigue set it and once again I felt the need to run to the restroom. If you don’t know it yet, being a vegan makes you a little more than *ehem* regular. I was determined to get through this run without stopping. It was difficult, as difficult as my very first run. Well, maybe the second, haha. I had to grab onto the treadmill a few times, which I never do! It’s cheating! I even had to take a 5 second break and at one point the rubber piece went flying off of my headphones. I kept on going and picked it up at the end.

I started a detox earlier this week and I’m sure it played a pivotal role in my lack of energy today. I have however, been losing weight. I have just one day of running left during my detox and just two days of detox left. I hope I do better during my next run! I’ll be sure to have some carbs the day before.

I would like to take a moment here to remind people to be considerate! If you go to the gym, wipe down your machines after use. I witness a super sweaty guy use a machine and not wipe it down. It just happened to be a machine that I had my eye on just before sweaty guy jumped on it. He walked away without a second thought and his sweat was dripping from it. EWWWWW!!!!! Luckily, sanitary wipes were close by, so I grabbed two (one just wasn’t going to cut it) and cleaned up the machine. Yes, I wanted to use it that badly!

It’s smoothie time!



Silken Tofu, great for smoothies!


See, vegans aren't deprived!

 Aren’t the pretty?

 I think he liked it!

Well, I’m exhausted. I’m off to bed so that I can get up bright and early to hit the gym!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stasa says:

    Where did you find soy whip? Wegman’s? This smoothie looks yummy!!

  2. Wegmans has it and so does M.O.M.s and of course Whole Foods.

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