Oh No, It Got Stuck!

At the gym running on the treadmill again and today I opted for the 5K program available. Usually I would set the treadmill to my own manual program. On my last run, I had a speed of 5.6 for most of the run, upping it to 6.3 at the end for. A strong finish. Today I decided to crank it up and run 6.0 the whole run giving me a pace just over a ten minute mile. I started a little slower, but quickly speed up to this point.

I was doing great! Up to a time of about 22 minutes and at about 2.2 miles. I have been having trouble with my earplugs lately and my right one keeps slipping out. It seems I sweat so much, even in my ear, that the ear piece doesn’t want to hold. I am constantly cramming it back into my ear and trying to push it in far enough that it won’t pop out. Well, today I went a little too far. I managed to get it in and kept on running and as usual, it fell out again. This time, the little rubber piece wasn’t oo the end. Uh oh!! It was stuck in my ear! And it was far in there. I paused the treadmill and attempted to get it out. I could barely reach it and it started to go further in. I was able to just grab an edge of it with my fingernail and eventually pull it out. Phew, that was a close one! I had a flash of me going to the doctors to get them to pull this little ear bud out of my head. Needless to say, I will be switching to a larger piece.

I was ready to continue my run and went to unpause the machine, when I must have accidentally hit a button because it ended the run! Ahhhh…….

I was so frazzled by this, I didn’t really pay attention to my final stats. I was just trying to get back into my run, but it didn’t work. So I decided to start again and run an additional mile. A few minutes in, I suddenly need a potty break. Yes, potty….I have a three-year old, haha. I try to keep going, I just want to get my mile in, but there’s just no way. So at .75 of a mile I decided to stop. After my bathroom break, I moved onto weights and was really just disappointed in myself. It was probably my best run yet and it wasn’t completed! I had no idea what my total numbers were and it was all I could think about during my weight training. So, after a little over an hour on the weight machines, I decided to run another mile. I complete it around 9:23 and am happy about that! So all in all, I did just under 4 miles today + strength training for a total workout of about 2 hours.

But in the end, I still didn’t feel fulfilled with my overall workout. I’m eager to get back on the treadmill and try again!

One more thing I forgot to mention…….my one year vegan anniversary just passed!! Yay, I’m so excited and can’t believe how fast a year went by. I’ve come along way and still have ways to go, but I’m going and loving it!

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