I have completed my nine weeks of 5K training! It really is an unbelievable feeling, I can’t wait to see how amazing I feel once I finish my first 5K! Week nine training was the follow:
Approx 5 minute warmup walk
30 minute run
Approx 5 minute cooldown walk
For a total of 39:59 and a total distance of 3.4 miles!
3.4 miles was the final distance on day 3 of week 9. My week started out on day 1 with a distance of 3.1.

Today I started training on my own (without the couch 2 5K program) and decided to shorten my warmup walk time. My run went as follows:
2 minute warmup walk
32 minute run
5 minute cooldown walk
Total time of 39 minutes with a total distance of 3.44miles! I managed to add time to my run, shorten the total time, and increase my total distance! Yay me….haha

I really am so amazed at how well the program worked and really recommend it for those that wish to take up running and are beginners.

Until next time…

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