Smoothies Anyone?

Last saturday(today is Tuesday) I completed week 7, day 3 of my 5K training:

5 minute warmup walk

25 minute run

5 minute cool down walk

Total time of 34:29 with a total distance of 2.5 miles. 

Today, I completed week 8, day 1!!! So excited to start week 8, although I was a bit nervous. I haven’t run since Saturday and I hate when I go longer than one day without training. Especially at the start of a new week!  This run had the warmup walk (just under 5 minutes, a 28 minute run, and a cooldown walk (just under 5 mins)

Total time, 37:49 and total distance of 2.7 (getting closer to my 3.1 goal!!!)

The park I run at has a trail that laps about a mile if you follow it all the way around. I have always cut through near the middle where the trail forks off in two directions. One goes up hill, and follows the full lap around, the other cuts through, shortening the distance. Up until now, I have always feared the hill. I just wanted to complete my training and prepare my body for these long runs. It was just 8 weeks ago that I could barely run 90 secs straight! So today, after staring at the hill each time I passed the fork, I decided to brave it. After all, I am told the trail the 5K is on will be very hilly and I will be lucky just to complete the race. YIKES!!! While running today, I figured if there is an up, there is always a down so may as well go for it. I was also hoping it might result in a burst of energy once making my way back down from the top. The climb wasn’t at all as bad as I had anticipated it to be and I must say that getting to the top was awesome! Not only was it a sense of accomplishment, but to be able to look down at the rest of the park and all of the beauty that nature has to offer was a glorifying experience.

 By the end of week nine, I will be running 30 minutes straight, which is the amount of time it should take to run a 5K. I only have 2 1/2 weeks left of training! Well, with the couch to 5k program that is, then I am on my own. I am so excited that I have come this far!

So, I have started incorporating a vegan protein powder into my diet by the recommendations of a fellow vegan runner. Since it’s not my favorite mixed with water, I started making smoothies on a daily basis to mix it with, here are some I wanted to share with you:


We are making popsicles! Strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple.

We had enough left over to drink smoothies and I quickly learn that kiwi and pineapple together isn’t the best idea. My tongue starts to split after two sips! I added agave to the smoothies and the popsicles. Since we made these popsicles at my mom’s house, I have yet to try them! (they weren’t ready before we left).


Now we make popsicles at my house  using raspberries, blueberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt, and water. I really want to have smoothies from this mix so I can have my protein, so first I pour our drinks and then pour the left overs into the popsicles. Since there wasn’t enough for all, I made banana popsicles using only bananas and almond milk.



Helping Momma

And so it seems I made it a little to thick. The stick pulled right out! So we scooped them out and enjoyed! We had sorbet rather than popsicles and I think I will start making that too!

And lastly, we tried out a recipe from the pure2raw website, which I highly recommend checking out. It is a Grape Fig Kale smoothie and I forgot to add the figs! In the end my smoothie turned out to be more like a drink than a smoothie and even without the fig I thought it tasted great! Anson did too……

We drank it all!

I mixed in my Vega protein powder

Anson loves it!! Even with bits of kale floating around in it, hahaha. So we took it to the next level and enjoyed all green snacks.Grape kale drink, green grapes, and veggie pirates booty. Yum!

So many other flavors to try, more to come…….

Happy Smoothie Making!

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