So after being sick for eight days, I was finally able to run again! I was a bit nervous, it had been eight days since my last run. I thought I had done pretty well last time and felt like this week of illness would be a total set back for me. Today was day 3 of week four in my training. There are three days of training each week for a total of nine weeks. Luckily I am already four weeks in and the race in ten weeks away! Todays training consisted of the following:

It’s about 30 mins total

5 minute warmup

3 minute run

90 second walk

5 minute run

3 minute walk

3 minute run

90 second walk

5 minute run

5 minute cool down (walking)

My last run (prior to being sick and 8 days ago) was the same routine and my time distance then was 2.3 miles which isn’t to shabby considering how much walking is involved. That day was my best so far making it pretty nerve raking for me to wait it out all week. So I got out there today, 40 degrees with winds strong enough to cause major resistance, and post nasal drip…..ugh. I managed to push through and once I got to my last five minutes, my Couch-2-5K training app decided to stop causing my whole session to start over!! So I ran a bit further than I thought the time was and did an estimated cool down. None the less, my distance was 2.2 miles and I can’t complain considering I had a considerable amount of down time. So I am hopeful now and looking forward to my next run! Now, if I could just get back on track with my eating habits……

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