Updates, updates!

When I started on this journey eight months ago, I was wearing a size 12, or was it 14? Who knows at this point. I also used to wear clothing a little bit too big because
a.) I hated my body so much and
b.) I just didn’t really know how clothes were supposed to fit on me.

Becoming vegan definitely helps with weight loss in addition to better health, but it wasn’t until recently that my physical change has become more dramatic. I made the decision to enjoy sweets only on the weekends as my New Years resolution. This task has been a challenge since I became employed by a vegan baker five months ago. It’s just about three months into the new year and I have been going strong. I have incorporated daily workouts into my routine and taken on the challenge of participating in an upcoming 5K this May. I am now in my fourth week of training for the race and must say, I am thoroughly enjoying it. The race is in supports of Poplar Spring Sanctuary located in Poolesville, Md. They take care of and support rescued animals. Not only is my participation in this event to support the sanctuary, but a huge milestone for me. Three years ago I was living in excruciating pain, unable to lift my leg without the help of my hands picking it up. Now, I am running two miles in twenty-five minutes (and that includes walking in the mix)! I am determined to run this race and to do so with an amazing time!

My weight is down about fourteen pounds from eight months ago, but does tend to fluctuate within three pounds(as womans weights do). It gets frustrating being stuck at the weight range that I am at, I am eager to get into the 130′s and seem to be stuck around 141. I guess at this point, I am gaining muscle as I am toning the fat, makes it a bit tedious. The good news is I’m down to a size 6!!!! Wowee, I now have a ton of clothes that are too big….how much shopping can a girl do?

What am I up to now? Besides, the daily workouts and 5k training? Oh yea, and taking care of my now THREE year old son!!! As I mentioned, I have been working for a baker. Not just any baker, all of her desserts are vegan!! Woohoo!!!! I have also started writing weekly blogs on the Food Channel of Greenwala.com. I now have an account on twitter where you can follow my research and writings as well. I also have a big surprise in the works that will be revealed in due time. Until then, I promise to keep these posts more often and chalked full of information and resources.

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  1. runandcook says:

    All of this is GREAT!

  2. Thanks so much! I’m glad you subscribed!!

  3. Tallin says:

    I much prefer ifonrmatvie articles like this to that high brow literature.

  4. Thank you Tallin! Be sure to subscribe to receive emails when new posts are published!

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