I survived my week !

To my surprise, my struggle on this one was non-existent. The first day was a little rough since I was  venturing out on something completely new ! My body was hungry ! But the next day was easier and things went quit  well. I will save you the boredom of having to  read my daily menu and some it up with this……broccoli and brown rice with butter and old bay every day from Sunday to Sunday. Each day I lost a pound and at the end of my week, I was seven pounds lighter !! I am so excited about that. I went from 149 to 142 in a week and my goal is 135 !! Hey, if I do this another week, I can lose that last seven pounds right? Well on my eighth day I was craving something new and had an apple and added some strawberries to my diet. I also had three bites of Vegan Mac and cheese which I felt just terrible about.

I did some more research about this “Elimination Diet” which is different for everyone. The problem with my situation is that we have no idea what we are looking for !! We as in me, my family, doctors, etc. Many people who have taken to this diet already have an idea, ie-a dairy allergy. So at the end of my week, I am to add one type of food for a day and then back to my broccoli, brown rice and lentils (which I never did eat) for two days. Within these two days, if I show and signs of reaction (ie-I swell up in my hands, etc) then I have an intolerance to whatever it is I ate.

Well today I also ate veggie sushi for lunch  and a few GF or Gluten Free crackers with a Vegan Chicken salad spread!!! My right hand is now inflamed !!! Ugh, what have I done !! I was doing so well holding true to my Elimination diet….

Rewind to a few days ago……My heart was racing, my breathing restricted, and  my body fatigued (I do have a 2-year-old that has been waking up at 5 am!!!) My mother of course a worrier has since been on  my case about eating more and I suppose I let her constant suggestions make it seem okay to add more into my diet. I am regretful now and I assume that I will have to start this task all over again . Next time under the supervision of a dietician !

I am seriously feeling the pain at the moment and my mood is not great…….I am just at wit’s end having to constantly live in pain.

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  1. Ava says:

    Ticia, don’t be upset.. the good news is that you DID find something to trigger your inflammatory response!!!!! You found SOMETHING!!

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