My week of lentil, brown rice, and broccoli, Day 1

I went to my  first vegan meetup last Wednesday at Mr. Chan’s in Pikesville and it was very nice. I enjoyed meeting other Vegan/Vegetarians and engaging in common conversation ! I met a dietician there that was kind enough to lend me some free advice. I was so happy to get a chance to speak with him as my doctor had previously recommend that I got to see a Dietician. Since insurance doesn’t cover their services, I had to hold off on an appointment: which I am still planning on (sooner than later, I hope). Mark, the dietician stated that there is obviously something not agreeing  with my body. Be it air quality or a food allergy, I need to figure it out.

To determine a food allergy, I must take the same approach as we do when introducing new foods to infants. I must eat broccoli, brown rice, and lentils for a week. During this time my body will detox and rid itself of nasty irritants. Mark said ideally my inflammation will dissipate and it takes a few days for anything to rid itself from our bodies. After my week of  a truly boring diet, I will then introduce one new food every three days. If it is in fact a food causing my health issues, this is a sure-fire way to figure it out !!

So, I am taking it upon myself to try this out. I would love to do it with a dietician by my side, but financially it’s just not happening now, so I’m just gonna wing it.

As of this morning, Sunday the 19th of September I weighed in at 148.8 lbs, okay….we’ll make it an even 149. I started my morning with my vitamins : zyflamend- a natural vitamin for inflammation, omega-3-which I would love to stop taking since it’s not vegan, glucosamine-also not vegan but good specifically for hands and knees, and diclofenac- a prescription for inflammation. I wonder if I am supposed to stop taking this stuff too? Most times when I run out of vitamins I feel an increase in pain almost immediately, so I’m really hesitant to do so. Perhaps I should and go full force here, eh? I also, had a hot green tea for breakfast, since I am staying away from all juices, etc.

For lunch I enjoyed some cooked broccoli with *ehem* butter (come on, I can’t go completely plain all week—-or can I?) and a little salt. So I am wondering a few things…………can I use butter and salt or any spice for that matter? People have allergies to spices too right? I just don’t know….

Ironically, I have gone my whole life without allergies, or so I thought.

So far, so good today !

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, opinions, or any knowledge you guys have to offer!!!

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  1. mom says:

    Good Job, you are bound to find a cause. Hang in there.

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