The Verdict is in

The Doctor called yesterday to tell me that my biopsy came back Cancer Free, Good news !! But, there is still something funny going on and since she did cut out the surrounding skin, that area will not develop into anything else. I can’t remember the name of what she called it, but the paper work should be in the mail now. She also wants to me see a Dermatologist for a full body scan. Yay, more Doctors visits for me !! As if I don’t go enough now. At least someone has actually found something.

We are off to the beach next week and I am going to have to really be covered in Sunblock from now on.  I went many, many years without it because I have always had a dark complexion. Actually, I use to put on Tanning oil !! In 2002, I took a trip to the Dominican Republic. It was a week after the death of a close Aunt of mine. On the flight there I started to feel sick and wound up having a bad cold the first few days. I laid out on the beach the fist day and BURNED !! It was the FIRST time in my life I ever burned and it was painful !! Ever since then I have worn sun block and ever since then I have burned. I have always attributed it to being so close to the Equator. Looking back now, the stress I was going through at the time probably didn’t help. Regardless, it was foolish of me not to take better care of my skin up until that point. I was already 21 ! I have st Get Shortlink

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made many mistakes in regards to taking care of myself. This situation is just one of them. Looking back now, I can’t believe how abusive I was to my body. The birth of my son has really saved my life in so many ways. I only wish I was this educated sooner. It is so important to me, that I teach Anson to care for himself and his body early in life. It is sooo important. The idea of good health is one that my father always worked hard to instill in me. And in some ways he had. I never was big into makeup because he had taught me that my natural beauty was better than any makeup could be. He was a Vegetarian for a loong time and I never understood it because I was much younger. I wish he had explained it better. For as long as I can remember, he would wake up at 4 am and exercise. Whether it was out on the deck as the sun would rise or at the local pool during the winter. All of this and with an artificial knee !! His example of good health has been something I have always admired. Too bad he doesn’t care enough to be in my life or he would know these things about me. But that’s a whole other chapter, lol.

So, my new goals in life are to be as Healthy (physically and emotionally) as I can be, and to instill these very important values in my son. I am finding that GOOD Health is the way to a good life !

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  1. Ava says:

    Ticia, I LOOOOOVE your positive attitude! That a girl! It’s so important to live a healthy lifestyle, whether we were brought up that way or came to that very important decision on our own. I think no matter when one decides to change their life for the better, it’s 100% worth it!

    I’ve always said that I was going to be the one to break the cycle of obesity, poor health, poor mental status, and divorce in our family… looks like I have a partner 🙂

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