The Doctor Says…..

I went back to the Doctor yesterday to have my stitches removed after 10 looooog days of no exercise !!! I did manage to do some minor forms of exercise without stressing my leg. Biopsy results are not back yet, ugh….the waiting game. Celiac and all other tests are normal, of course ! But I am Vitamin D deficient, very much so. I was an eleven and thirty-three is normal. So the Doc prescribed me some hard-core vitamins to get me back to normal. Also, she strongly encourage that I take Fish Oil instead of Flaxseed oil. Much of the Omega-3 in Flaxseed get’s lost in transition and doesn’t hit anywhere near the amount that I need. So I have started taking them and hit a little bump in my Veganism road. But I am only taking the supplements rather than eat Fish and she says this is going to help my health tremendously so I am giving it a go. Also, she mentioned that I won’t really see major results in regards to my diet for about 6 weeks. I should be hearing back from her any day now with biopsy results and will let you know !

In the meantime, here is an interesting article…………….

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  1. Monica says:

    Hey fish oil…what does that do?! Im getting ready to start embril…wish me luck -=( Im scared, but scared of not taking it…ugh

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