Food log-Week 2

Monday April 19

  • Breakfast-One slice whole grain bread with jelly and one half slice with butter, strawberries and a glass of Oj
  • Lunch-Salad of Baby spinach with strawberries, Veggie Mix crunches and a Raspberry Vinaigrette  and a quarter of Anson’s PBJ sandwhich
  • Snack-Tortilla Strips (green mountain) and red pepper Hummus
  • Dinner- Vegan Roast (Whole Foods) with steamed broccoli (with butter) and Banana for dessert

Thursday April 29

  • Breakfast-Oj, Banana and an Energy bar
  • Snack-Banana and Raspberries
  • Lunch-Bok Choy with Raspberry Vinaigrette and a few bites of Anson’s BPJ
  • Snack-Pretzels and banana also a small home made fruit smoothie (mango and raspberry with soy milk)
  • Dinner-Salad (baby spinach with strawberries and almonds and raspberry vinaigrette), side of brocolli and about a half of a southwestern veggie burger (Sunshine burgers—soooo yummy !)

Friday, April 30th

  • Breakfast-Glutino Honey Nut cereal with soy milk and a banana + Orange Juice
  • Lunch-Baby spinach with almonds and strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette, watermelon
  • Snack-Carrots and yellow corn chips + roasted red pepper hummus
  • Dinner-Wrap…red chili wrap with red pepper hummus spread, tomatos, cucumber and avocado, banana

Saturday May 1

  • Breakfast-Gluten Freen English Muffin with light butter and Grape Jelly, glass of Oj
  • Lunch-Pizza made with Rice cheese and veggie cheese plus green preppers I chopped into the sauce

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