And it’s gone……

So yesterday I had “the mole” removed. Not the typical mole you would imagine, it’s moreso a beauty mark gone bad. I got three stitches and an order of NO Exercise until they come out. So bummed……I am supposed to have them out in a week but since I am unable to get into the office then, I have to wait 10 days, without exercise !!!!! At least I can get some sit ups in there and some bi-cep curls. Doc says the results for what she thinks could be Malenoma will be in by the time I go back to have the stitches removed. She also said she will call sooner should she receive some concerning news. In that case, I will have to go to see a Skin Surgeon that would that remove a bigger section of skin to check for any further spreading. Fingers crossed – x .

Also, I was weighed again and had lost 2 pounds since Tuesday !! Wow, I am so psyched ! I hope the weight keeps dropping. If only I could still exercise……

I noticed something today as I was looking at the label of my “Spinach Hummus” which was right next to All of the other hummus at the store. I often read labels as I am eating. I noticed that the Spinach Hummus is actually a Spinach Dip !! Uh oh, yup….you guessed it. The ingredients contain sour cream and milk and eggs and the list goes on. Ughhhhhhhh. I have been eating this for a few days and have also noticed increase in my inflammation during this time. I chalked it up to a storm on it’s way to our area. Between the dairy and the Gluten, I’m just filling up now. I can’t wait to get my blood work done soon!

One thing more….I received a “Denial” letter a few days ago in regards to financing for the Embrel. Just hours after I kept questioning wether I should call and cancel it since I am trying to change my health through diet now. God was listening and answered for me ! I’m really hoping that Celiac test comes back positive now !! The company said I was denied because we have Insurance. But we do not have any prescription coverage. Our Insurance is expensive enough !! And we surely can’t afford $1,000 a month for Embrel !!

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