And so it begins

Two nights ago I made Vegetable pasta with tomato sauce and “meatballs” that are meatless of course. I was sooooo excited about finding these meatballs. The are veggie and meat free and tasted so good. I had read all the ingredient labels for everything I was purchasing, but I guess I hadn’t with the meatballs. For some reason, I thought that it said Vegan on the front as a lot of foods do these days. So at dinner as I was eating, I decided to read the package again and notice that it contain “milk and eggs”. Agh !!!! I was so disappointed. I have done so well at eliminating dairy, how did I miss this? I have to get better at my “on the spot, ultra fast grocery shopping label reading”.  So, I decided not to eat the rest of the meatballs and just eat the veggie pasta (shaped like the alphabet, and so fun for Anson too) with the tomato sauce. Yum. For those of you that are Chef Boyarde fans, this meal reminded me of it, but so much more healthier !!

On another note, I had a Doctors appointment today, with a new Primary Care. I am so HAPPY that I switched Doctors. She is so much better than my last Doctor. Very thorough with her information and interested in her patients health. She has ordered new blood work for me with some new ideas in mind. Maybe something will show. Ironically she brought up a few issues that I  have looked into. One, Celiac Disease. I was literally looking at the Celiac website an hour before I left for my appointment today. I had stumbled upon it by looking up information regarding Vegan dieting. Now, I have tried to avoid Gluten since all the new “Green” information has come out to the public. And really didn’t know much about Gluten Intolerance and such.  Celiac Disease is a digestive disease that interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. There are little protrusions that line the wall of the intestines. Imagine tiny hairs, that are known as Villi. Normally they allow the nutrients from food to be absorbed into the intestinal walls into your bloodstream. Well, when a person is Gluten intolerant, the immune system responds by attacking the Villi leaving the body malnourished. The disease is triggered after surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or severe emotional stress. Wait !!! Did anyone catch that???? After pregnancy and childbirth ! If you remember, all my health issues started just after Anson turned one month old. Gee, we may be onto something here. Let’s check out the symptoms……

  • unexplained iron-deficiency anemia
  • fatigue
  • bone or joint pain
  • arthritis
  • bone loss or osteoporosis
  • depression or anxiety
  • tingling numbness in the hands and feet
  • seizures
  • missed menstrual periods
  • infertility or recurrent miscarriage
  • canker sores inside the mouth
  • an itchy skin rash called dermatitis herpetiformis

(information by National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse)

Of all of those symptoms I have experienced 6 of the 12, possibly 7. This is so crazy, how come no other doctor thought of this before? Since I have worked on a Gluten-free diet for sometime now, I have to wait a week before getting blood work done and during that time, I MUST eat Gluten….ick !! Otherwise my results could show a false negative !

This disease is Genetic !! So, if I do test positive for this and you are a member of my family, please talk to your doctor about this !! Even if you are NOT experiencing symptoms !!!!

Here is a link with more information……

The second significant topic that came up at my appointment today was about a mole the doc found on my leg. She is significantly concerned and I have an appt to return on Friday to have it removed and tested for Cancer. As horrifying as this may seem, I am not freaking out. Through my recent Vegan research, I have discovered that Cancer can in fact be reversed through diet and I strongly believe that. I am already experiencing a DRASTIC improvement in health and tomorrow marks one week since I have started. I am still not taking my Arthritis medication and my pain has been manageable. My emotional well-being is improving as well. I am no long irritated by every little thing. I am in good spirits and feeling much better already. I can’t wait to see what else this new lifestyle has to bring me !!!

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  1. Momma says:

    I am very to happy that you found a doctor you are comfortable with. Most of todays doctors have lost their bedside manner and only see $$ signs.

    I have 7 of the symptoms Listed above and there are several other family members experiencing some of the same. I hope they take the time to check out the link and be tested. Better to be safe then suffer.

    I am ecstactic that there may be an answer to your pain after suffering for more than two years and AND that it is not related to a life threatening or physically debilitating disease. I love you and SUPPORT your decision to change your DIET and improve your health! I have seen a change over the last few days, so stick with it, you are determined and driven, definately a Butler trait.

    Comment by Momma — April 14, 2010 @ 12:22 am

  2. MissMoxx says:

    As someone who was was “diagnosed” as having celiac disease over 9 years ago I would make one suggestion.

    I would get it diagnosed the most accurate ways possible which is via 3 biopsies.

    Following a 100% gluten-free diet can eliminate a LOT of very healthful food options from you pallet, especially if you are going vegan.

    I can elaborate on that if you like.
    Out of necessity, I’ve become quite the expert, although I am a bit rusty.

    The blood-work alone is NOT an accurate diagnosis!!!!

    You need the first biopsy done with gluten present, to confirm for blunting.
    Second biopsy after gluten has been removed COMPLETELY (even trace amounts) for at least 6 months.
    The third biopsy is after you reintroduce gluten into your diet once more to confirm any blunting that took place was from the gluten.

    Given what you have been through, I KNOW this sounds like just another nightmare!
    BUT, I would do it right the first time if I were you.
    There are other things that can cause blunting and malabsorption issues.
    One of which is Dairy.

    My diagnosis was shotty at best, because I had been through similar nightmare as yourself and was desperate for answers.
    While I do in fact think the Gluten is/was an issue, I do not believe it was the source of the evil.
    I think there are puzzle pieces missing that will come back to haunt me.

    I don’t want to disprove ANY of your theories!
    I just want you to find a more solid answer than I did!
    I want you to find piece, happiness and HEALTH!

    Good luck my friend!
    And keep up your own research!

    Oh, one GROSS thing about Gluten is that it is what you lick on the back of a stamp or envelope. ICK!

    I now eat trace amounts in soy sauce, soups and some other products with no blunting in my last biopsy…so again, it’s worth doing it the right way.

    It makes my life MUCH easier to be able to eat those things.
    FInding Veggie Burgers and Vegan products that are Gluten and Casein-Free is expensive and VERY hard!

    I know pre-packaged goods isn’t the way to go…but with toddlers, it’s a life saver at times! (for me!)

    Well wishes my freind!

  3. MissMoxx says:

    Oh, another misconception is that Oats contain Gluten.
    They don’t!

    You won’t find a package that contains ANYTHING that has oats in it that says GF, but they don’t.

    There was one study done loooooooong ago, that was a shotty one.
    It was not properly documented.
    It was a false negative because of cross contamination.

    They often are processed in mills that also process wheat, but thanks to awareness that is changing.
    SO, don’t write the Oats off just yet!

  4. Ava says:

    So I have a confession to make.. a few years ago, I started buying some Vegan products to increase the vitamin/protein ratio of our diet b/c Maya (my 3 yo) would not eat meat recommended by my sister in law, Bozena, who is Vegan and started sending me the websites and … so we have tried:

    Veggie Burgers- she loves them,
    “ground meat” that I used in recipes like “chili” and my hubbie had no idea,
    “sausage” patties- also he had no idea,
    “hot dogs” : I even packed these for her daycare,
    Tofu “chocolate pudding”- YUM,
    Earth’s Balance “butter”- best “butter I have ever tasted and it’s good for you!!!,
    Veggie Bites- spinach- YUM,
    ToFurkey- pretty good on it’s own but don’t eat beside normal Turkey,
    etc, etc..

    Now, I have not completely given up the normal diet, but rather added better ingredients with more vitamins and minerals to it.

    As Alicia Silverstone states, the Vegan diet is NOT for everyone and she understands that… but adding nutritious ingredients to your diet makes it much healthier and it’s a good start 🙂

    I was wondering about Celiac Disease for you!! Here is another website with toddler recipes that I use and also includes recipes for Celiac disease:

    There’s lots of info here! When my sister in law came from Poland.. she had a mysterious illness where she had a rash all over her body which suddenly began in her 40’s. She had to follow a drastic change in diet… very strict. Miraculously, after following the diet similar to Celiac Disease, it disappeared after a year!!

  5. laeticia0201 says:

    I was so hoping I wouldn’t have to do that, don’t they put a tube down your throat? Ugh…..I can handle pretty much anything but that. Sounds awful. I would love any advice that you have to offer Kristy, keep em coming !!

  6. laeticia0201 says:

    I know, I wish I hadn’t told Joe. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference and now he is all “never giving up meat and neither is Anson” blah blah male ego………… What is with men and their meat obsession? Thanks for the link and I will look into trying to get all links I post in one place.

  7. MissMoxx says:

    I will, if you don’t find them discouraging!
    That’s the LAST thing I want to do!!!

    The EGD is NO big deal. Seriously!
    I read about it, and thus had a full on panic attack minutes before they took me back…for what turned out to be no reason at all.

    You don’t necessarily have to get them all consecutively either.

    Also, it may give you insight to other causes or be a good tool to look back on down to road to see any changes.

    I had ulcerations and erosions both times I had them done and I had NO clue and NO symptoms. ??

    Allergies and Intolerances are very complicated.
    Blood-work is rarely an accurate answer.

    You may not want to eliminate too many things at once because it will be hard to pinpoint what the cause is.
    OR, you can do an elimination diet and gradually reintroduce things one by one.

    Have you looked into Paul Chek’s work?
    This food thins is complicated and the deeper you dig, the uglier it gets.

    I’ve chose to pull the wool over my eyes to avoid the mind f*ck…for now.

    Paul Check is BRILLIANT and EXTREME!
    He’s recently gone vegetarian to.
    Not easy for someone who trains hard!

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