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Hi Everyone !!

 To start off, I have been struggling with an unknown illness for 2 1/2 years now without answers and a LOT of pain. I will go more into the deails of this in my next entry.

To sum up a little bit about me…..I am 28 years old and the mother of a sweet 2 year old boy. Prior to my pregancy in 2007, I spent all of my time and effort on my career as an Audio Engineer. For those of you that don’t know much about this profession, it consists of all physical work !! I spent time working at a local theater in St. Petersburg, Fl. followed by touring across the U.S. with a little show called Disney on Ice and finished up as a Local A/V tech in the Balto. and D.C. area.  These jobs required a TON of heavy lifting and building.  When you go to see a concert, I was one of those “guys” that set it up.The big ass speakers, the lights and truss, the stage, etc.  Your understanding of this will make more sense once I start to explain the depth of my illness. This was not a job I could continue once I became pregnant.

Once my son was born, I decided to go all Organic. And I have been ever since. My husband, Joe has been in agreement on this without too much of a fight, since fresher is always better. Although, he still comes home from work with a burger from Wendy’s…….eck ! I have a feeling getting him to go Vegan is going to be a LOT of work !!!!

I am supposed to start new medication in about a week, which I have been looking forward to since it is meant to bring me tramedous relief. But after recent findings in regards to these types of medications, I am strongly reconsidering. This is a difficult decision for me, since we have recently been approved for help with financing this particular medication which costs $1,ooo a month !! And I am now able to get it for $12 !! If I choose not to start this now, the chances of us getting this approval in the future are, well pretty much absent. So here is why I am taking the risk…

Dr. Mercola, a holistic doctor….although I am not sure if he refers to himself that way…..has a facebook page which I am a fan of. And he posts daily tips for all of his fans, which I love by the way. And ironically, he posted a tip a few days ago stating that most drugs prescribed for RA (rheumatoid arthritis-which doctors suspect I might have) are very toxic !!  His post prompted several response and I read each and everyone. After reading people’s experiences in regards to family members on these meds developing cancer within 6 months of taking them or people testifing to the fact that nutrition and good emotional management has changed their lives, I decided to post a comment of my own. I merely stated that I am supposed to start embrel next week (by the way, the doctor tells me this drug “may or may not” cause cancer !!!!) and now I am reluctant to start. With in minutes I had received responses from people and emails from others offering suggestions and willingness to help. One woman even sent me her phone number !! These are people that went years on drugs until deciding to change things the right way, the natural way and changed their diet. They are now pain free with no drugs !! I was overwhelmed with the power of food and realized I need to make an immediate change. Just going organic isn’t enough !! So here I am, at the beginning of my journey and with the motivation of a few friends, I have decided to document it on this blog and share my adventure with all of you ! I am now a Vegan,  So here I go…………………

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  1. amy hoover says:

    Love the blog T!!Inspiring…honestly.And the factiod you put in your blog about the cancer causing ingredient in red meat,very interesting.

  2. Edith Baldwin says:

    I admire your tenacity! I got some studying to do:)

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